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Hunting in Belarus

Since the very beginning of our company work, we have offered hunts in Belarus. We specialize mainly in spring hunting for capercaillies and blackcocks, but also bull moose in a rutting season.

In the Republic of Belarus, there are many untamed areas and agricultural lands. Population in Belarus trends towards a concentration in larger urban settlements including its capital, Minsk where almost 20% of Belarusian live. The rest of the country is covered by beautiful forests, marches, lakes and rivers. Apart from hunting for capercaillies and blackcocks in spring, you can hunt for woodcocks, male mallards and honkers while nesting.

Hunting for bull moose has been also one of our main areas of action. The weight of trophies varies between 6 to 11 kg for moose with antler, in typical conformation. And 8 to 16 kg for ones with palmated antler. The biggest trophy uptill now has weighed 22 kg gross. The best method for hunting for bull moose in their rutting season is the calling method. From October until mid-December, the most recommended is hunting with dogs. In this period, you can also hunt for cow moose and moose calves.

In winter our company arranges hunting for wolves. This kind of hunting includes individual hunting by calling or with bait station, but also collective hunting with the use of fladry.

What is more, our company offers interesting, but disappering method of hunting for mountain hares and European hares. It is a great and memorable hunting adventure.