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Hunting in Poland

Pawlikowski Hunting Travel is a hunting agency that offers a wide range of forms and methods of hunting. The most popular types of hunting in Poland are collective hunting for big game, such as boars, deer, fallow deer and roe deer and small game, such as predators, game birds (geese, ducks, pheasants) or hare. Among many kinds of driving hunting in Poland that our agency offers, there are traditional hunting for wild boar and red deer hunting.

Hunting for small game has a form of traditional battue hunting, when hunting for hare, for instance. But we also organise hunting with dogs for game birds and predators. Our company also offers hunting with dogs as a form of collective hunting. We also propose a wide range of individual forms of hunt, especially recommend are two methods of bucks hunting. First in May and June when it is best to hunt for bucks by stalking. Second, which is calling, has been recommended especially at the turn of July and August in the roe deer rutting season. The expert of this method is Slawomir Pawlikowski – Principal of the Agency. Individual hunts for stags in their rutting season are also organised by our party. The basic method used in this hunting is calling.

Another method is called stalking and it can be used later in the season. If you prefer individual hunting, you can select from many options like calling hunts for predators, ducks and geese, or hunting with dogs for pheasants and partridges.

Don’t miss our special offer of hunting in Poland ! Free courses of calling method, both for groups and individual hunters. The courses are conducted by Principal of the Agency, Slawomir Pawlikowski. We provide our services on both the low-lying and mountainous areas in Poland. Conditions and localization of hunts are chosen based on our customers’ preferences.