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Hunting in Russia

In Russia we focus on two types of hunting mainly. Firstly, the bear hunting. In the Asian part of Russia, there is the biggest density of population of brown bear.

We organize hunting for this dangerous, but such a beautiful animal in the most interesting places on the east coast of the Pacific ocean. One of the special offers of our company includes hunting on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk and in the Amur basin.

By the the Sea of Okhotsk, there are organized huntings which are especially recommended for hunters in a good physical condition. Hunts are organized both in spring (at the turn of May and June) and in the autumn (August-September). We provide professional services and effectiveness. In the same place, we organize hunting for bull moose in early September.

We hunt using two methods. In their rutting season it is recommended to use calling, and later, hunting with dogs. The trophies of moose from the area of Amur River are not as impressive as the trophies from the area of Kamchatka, but much bigger than Belarusian ones (the average weight is over 20 kg). Secondly, we can organise hunting for Amur bear (one of the subspecies of brown bear) in one of the most picturesque places in Primorsky Krai. Furthermore, in the northern part of Russia, we organize hunts for geese, recommended for those who prefer hunting for birds.

The offer of our company includes hunting for capercaillies, blackcocks, hazel grouse, woodcocks and hunting for wolves. The offer can be also prepared individually depending on our customres’ preferences.